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Buffalo High School
1724 N. Buffalo Ave., Buffalo, Texas 75831
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Welcome to Buffalo High School, Home of the Mighty Bison! 

Buffalo High School has a rich history of academic and extracurricular excellence. Our community, students, and school staff work cooperatively to provide the positive pathways students need to be successful in society. While we take great pride in what we have achieved in the past, we are looking forward to taking it to the next level!  The next opportunity for success is just around the corner. The new school year will bring many opportunities for students to develop their skills and talents. Parents, teachers, and administrators will have the opportunity to join forces as a cohesive team to help guide, encourage, and support our learners.
It is our job to provide support and guidance to insure a positive experience in our “small school” environment.  The faculty, staff and I will continue in the tradition of excellence marked by hard work and dedication. We will expect much from your young people: we will expect them to pull their weight and to hold themselves responsible for their future, to respect both the learning opportunities provided and those who provide them, to work with integrity, to take pride in their accomplishments as well as the accomplishments of other Bison, and to move safely through the school year with a positive attitude.  We will lead them, stand by them, and when necessary, we will provide them with a push of faith.
The philosophy of this school is based on our belief that the school's prime purpose involves giving each student an excellent opportunity toward mental, social, and physical growth. We will provide the environment that will enable our students to be increasingly effective in meeting the situations that will face our students in life.  We as a faculty feel that we must accept each student as an individual and challenge him/her to accomplish as much as possible. Our curriculum, then, must contain the required subject matter and be flexible enough to meet the student's needs. In addition, we must offer opportunities for the students to understand themselves and the American way of life.