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Transportation Change Requests 
Link Available on August 13th


Lower Junior High
Link Available on August 13th

"As parents, we all want our children to be successful. That’s why this year TEA has created a new STAAR report card. With the new report, you’ll be able to take a deeper look into how well your child did on the STAAR test and where he or she may need additional help." -Texas Education Agency 

To learn more about what’s on your child’s STAAR report card, go to
 Texas Assessment Management  
and login in the purple box at the top of the page.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to even more information about how your child did on the STAAR test.

You’ll be able to view the real questions from the exam, see how many questions your child answered correctly, what progress was made from last year to this year, which skills need more practice, and even more activities you can do at home to help them improve in the coming year. 


Buffalo Bison
2018 UIL Academic Regional Champs!

  • Entire OAP cast and crew (Taylor Lack, Dylan Cornish, David Alcantar, Lilah Adams, Madison Rowan, Alvaro Sanchez, Bocho Villagomez, Colby Menefee, Kaiden Loep, Sheri Donaldson, Tana Cleveland, Josalyn Taylor, Nishit Tailor, Kendall Reynolds, Marguerite Jones, Alex Cross, Jordan Early, Garrett McAlpine, Brizy Rodriguez, Landon Folsom, Brenda Garcia, Iveth Molina)
  • Individual acting awards from Taylor Lack, Madison Rowan, Kaiden Loep, and Colby Menefee
  • Number Sense team (Jose Sanchez, Sonia Dominguez, Bailey Chase, and Natalie Uptmor) 2nd
  • Speech team  (Lilah Adams, Nadia Garcia, Noah Rubel, Sheri Donaldson, Tana Cleveland) 1st 
  • Journalism team (Lilah Adams, Colby Menefee) 2nd
  • Jose Sanchez - 2nd in Number Sense (advancing to state)
  • Sonia Dominguez - 4th in Calculator (state alternate)
  • Bailey Chase - 6th in Mathematics
  • Nadia Garcia - 5th in Persuasive
  • Noah Rubel - 2nd in Informative (advancing to state)
  • Sheri Donaldson - 4th in Poetry (state alternate)
  • Tana Cleveland - 2nd in Prose (advancing to state)
  • Lilah Adams - 6th in Feature Writing
  • Lilah Adams - 3rd in LD Debate (advancing to state)
  • Colby Menefee - 5th in News Writing
  • Colby Menefee - 3rd in Editorial Writing (advancing to state)
  • Colby Menefee - 2nd in Feature Writing (advancing to state)

UIL Regional Champs

UIL Regional Champs


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Stop Bullying
BISD procedures for reporting bullying.




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