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If your child has a special health care need or a chronic health condition, please contact your school nurse.

Staff Directory
Lauren Rayborn, BSN, RN 
District Nurse
903-322-2473 ext. 5005
Location: Elementary Campus

Jessica Daggs, Health Room Aide
903-322-2473 ext 4004
Location: Lower Junior High Campus

Megan Davis, Health Room Aide
903-322-2473 ext 3004
Location: Upper Junior High Campus

Ashlee Cameron, Athletic Trainer
903-322-2473 ext 2006
Location: High School


 SHAC is a group of individuals representing segments of the community and school district which provides advice to the district board on coordinated school health (CSH) programming and its impact on student health and learning.  SHAC is a guide for Texas School Districts that focuses on eight components of Coordinated School Health:

 Nutritional Services  
 Staff Wellness Promotion
 Health Services
 Parent/Community Involvement
 Healthy/Safe School Environment
 Physical Education
 Counseling/Mental Health Issues
 Health Education

 Every independent school district is required by law (Texas Education Code Title 2, Chapter 28, Section 28.004) to have a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).  Research suggests that collaboration among families, communities, and school is the most effective approach for prevention and intervention.  Mandates ensure the responsibility for developing and managing programs addressing physical, emotional, and social aspects of health is shared by all segments of the community and reflect community values.

 A majority of SHAC members should be parents of students enrolled in the district who are not employed by the district.  Additional members can be drawn from the community and district employees.  The broader your representation, the better your chances are of meeting the needs of the school/students and the community. 

 BISD conducts four SHAC meetings per year which will be held at the Elementary Conference Room around 3:30pm. Notification of exact dates and times of the meetings will be sent home with your student and posted.  Anyone and everyone is strongly encouraged to attend/or become a member. 

 If you are interested in becoming a SHAC member, to help promote your child’s and the community’s well- being and wellness, please come join the SHAC.  We are in need of parent and community involvement.  We are looking for parents who are willing to commit to SHAC.  We are very interested in your thoughts and ideas.

Lauren Rayborn, BSN, RN
District BSN,RN/SHAC Coordinator
903-322-2473 ext 5005